Aiming High

Essex County Age Group Competition

Every year the County hold the Essex County Age Group Championships. Qualifying times are set by the County and swimmers achieving the QT can compete at the Championships. There are usually about 20 swimmers in each event in each age group with the top 6 making the finals. The times are quite fast but with hard work and commitment most swimmers can achieve County Qualifying times.

Regional Championships

Every Year the Regional Championships are held at a 50m pool in the East Region. Swimmers have to achieve qualifying times to compete at the Regional Championship. The Regional Championships are a step up from the County Championships; qualifying times are generally harder than the County QTs.

National Age Group/ Youth Championships

Every year the Nationals are held in the summer. Swimmers have to achieve qualifying times to compete at this event. The qualifying times for Nationals are a high standard and swimmers would need to be training regularly in excess of 10 hours a week to achieve this high standard. Although as a club we are consistently represented at National level only a few very talented athletes will achieve National qualifying times.